5.2. XDoclet templates

For producing the metafiles such as deployment descriptors, templates are used. XDoclet defines its own template language, which is exactly cut to its requirements. This example template prints the complete class name of all classes, which are defined as Axis Handler:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Test Template für XDoclet -->
 <XDtClass:ifHasClassTag tagName="axis.handler" paramName="name">2 
1 Iterate over all classes, which are in the input quantity (the indicated file set).
2 If a class has a class level tag with name „axis.handler“ and a parameter „name“, then...
3 print the complete classname.

All tags beginning with „XDt“ belong to the template language of XDoclet and are descriped in XDoclet-documentation.