9.5. XDoclet with JBOSS-IDE

The plugin JBOSS-IDE gives an alternative way to control XDoclet. Instead of using ant scripts to define and run doclets you can use a graphical user interface.

Figure 9.3.  GUI for XDoclet configurations

Click, drag and assemble your XDoclet task in the section „XDoclet Configurations“ in project properties . In the long run you will express exactly the same as described in the ant script, just with the help of this GUI. This might suit beginners better, as you do not have to think about certain details like where the XDoclet jars are. In addition all possible parameters are indicated, so you do not have to remember the exact name.

You can take a look at the generated configuration in the sample project by opening the GUI again. Alternatively throw a glance at „XDoclet-build.xml“ (in the root folder of the project), that is the file where JBOSS IDE stores this configuration.

or running XDoclet with such a configuration there is even a menu entry in the context menu of the project.