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Effective developing of WebServices

WebServices with Java, Axis, XDoclet and Eclipse
WebService Security a Axis handler for this standard.
Effective developing and debugging of java web services is the subject of this article. What tool fits best? How to make these tools work together? These are the questions to be answered here.

Developing WebApplications with Eclipse

New: Unittests with Cactus .
In our days effective development of java WebApplications is already possible even with freeware tools. Eclipse as a modular development enviroment is an outstanding example. What plugins are needed and how to choose a suitable setup, you can read here (only in german) ..

DocBook Publishing with Windows

Which tools are necessary, what must be installed and how, in order to simplify DocBook publishing with windows? A small tutorial, a HelloWorld-DocBook and even all source codes for download you will find here.

New in version 1.02: OpenOffice as an editor for DocBook

Please note: there is also an article in my blog (german only): DocBook Publishing mit OpenOffice

english version, german version

Online Books

A small overview of free german online books. Look here.