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New 12/29/02: German Charactercode conversion (Latin-1) all geman "umlaut" will be displayed correct.

This is the parallel version of the girder lcd plugin, distributed as


Girder 3.2 Support

Mark contributed an update for girder 3.2. I myself tested this new version and it appears to work pretty well.

So for girder 3.2 users: Download here.

Parallel Port Connection

It supports directly connected LCD with HD 44780. Displays up to 4x40 characters are supported.


Improved version with better suspend resume handling (complete redraw and active display after resuming). German style date and weekday formats.

You will get german date and time formats by placing a "%lg" prefix in the format string; e.g. a "%lg Today is %A" will produce for example "Today is Samstag".


LCD display units are available in many online shops like Conrad Electronic.

Hardware-Description see e.g.:

Schematic Page or

Connect to the parallel port like this

25 pin par.port function LCD pin function
2 Data 0 8 D0
3 Data 1 9 D1
4 Data 2 10 D2
5 Data 3 11 D3
6 Data 4 12 D4
7 Data 5 13 D5
8 Data 6 14 D6
9 Data 7 15 D7
14 Feed 4 RS
18-25 GND 1 GND


Additional Software needed:

Port-IO-Driver from
or you can download it here.

Supported PLattforms:

Win9x, WinME, Win2k (XP not tested)


Install Port-IO driver see above
Copy the LCD.dll in the girder plugins\Software directory


There are some additonal configuration options.

You can configure the LCD - plugin by editing the registry.

Add an registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JSR\LCD4. There you can add the following DWORD Values:

CharWidth default: 5
CharHeight default: 7
DisplayCols default: 20 (the size of the display I am using ;-)
DisplayRows default: 4
LongDelay default: 5 (time in ms for data flush)
ShortDelay default: 2 (time in ms)
BasePort default: 0x378 (LPT1)

If these registry key are missing the plugin runs with its default values.

In case of suspicious characters try to adjust the timing parameters (more delay e.g. 8 for LongDelay and 3 for ShortDelay.


Download for Grider 3.0 and for Grider 3.2.