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Software for Fujitsu Siemens SBLAN2

Girder-Plugin: Parallel LCD

Girder Group

Complete list of girder commands.

  • girder.gml (new version from 11/18/2002 with ATI-Player support)
  • girder.gml (old version with Matrox PVR support)

WinAMP LCD Plugin

This is WinAMP LCD Plugin from Markus Zehnder. You can find the patched DLLs (splits the CD title for a better utilization of the display, same for mp3-files without ID3 tags) here:

Port IO Driver

You need this driver to setup the parallel lcd driver. It enables direct access to any io-port with Win2K oder WinXP
(see also

MP3 - TestCD

With this kind of cd one can test a standalone CD-MP3-player.

This Test-CD contains many different mp3 format, with different bitrates, constant and variable bitrate encoding and additionally different genres like classical, modern and vocal. You can download the batch-File, creating such a cd here. You also need BeSweet, to encode the audiofiles (see doom9). If you like to get the wav-files directly from an audio cd, then CD-Ex is the perfect tool.

Publishing using DocBook

This is a short tutorial on how to install and use DocBook on a windows based system. You can download all required tools and the complete article in various formats here.